"Pokemon Sun and Moon," the upcoming RPG video game from developer Game Freak, has been in news partly due to the massive leak, which revealed the entire Pokedex of the game. Though the leak's veracity was questioned, it has been followed by more leaks.

New information has surfaced online that confirms the existence of several Pokemon, thanks to the leaked posters and videos. Serebii explained that the leaked posters and videos might have been part of a trailer that is supposed to go live on Aug. 12 in Japan.

[SPOILER] Recently, CoroCoro, the Japanese magazine leaked out several Pokemon that are supposed to appear in the game. There is more proof on these now, though the details have not yet been officially confirmed.

Yowashi, a water-type Pokemon, is reported to be called Wishiwashi with the ability of Schooling. This ability allows the Pokemon to change form from Solo Form to School Form, after it reaches a particular level.

Not much was known about Namakobushi (apart from the fact that it can transform the insides of its mouth into a fist) but the posters have revealed it could be a bike helmet. It boasts the Innards Out ability and is called Pyukumuku.

A new Pokemon has been revealed, called Morelull, a Grass/Fairy with Illuminate & Effect Spore.

The Alola Form Raichu, which is Electric/Psychic with the new Ability Surge Surfer, has also been revealed. It not only looks different but also has new physical features. This Pokemon likes to surf and hover in the air with its tail.

Some websites have pointed out that earlier, the Raichu of Lt. Surge, the gym leader in many anime and games, featured move Surf.

There is also proof that Team Skull with its boss Guzma  and its big sister, Plumeria are available in the game.

It was also revealed that Alolan Meowth has the abilities Pickup & Technicia, and Alolan Marowak has the abilities Cursed Body & Lightning Rod.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is expected to be released on Nov. 18, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.