"Pokemon Sun and Moon," the RPG video games from developer Game Freak that were expected to be released in November, recently received a massive leak that was rumoured to include the entire Pokedex. Japanese magazine CoroCoro (via Serebii) has leaked information on five new Pokemon.

It has been revealed that there will be five new Pokemon, including the Sunaba and Shirodesuna, the Ghost/Ground type sandcastle Pokemon. Shirodesuna evolves from Sunaba. The latter resides in a pile of sand and takes form as Pokemon. It has been billed as a "terrifying." Shirodesuna steals the life force from other Pokemon.

Then there is the Normal/Fighting type Pokemon Bewear and the Pokemon from which it evolves, Nuikoguma. Nuikoguma is a popular Pokemon and women and children want to meet it, but it does not like being touched. It is known to kick and struggle when it offers resistance. Nuikoguma is powerful, but following its evolution into Bewear, it gains more strength.

Next is the Yowashi, a water-type Pokemon that seems to have the ability to change from Single Form to School Form, which is a larger form.

On Aug. 10, CoroCoro revealed an image of a new type of Pokemon, without giving any information about the type, classification and other details. Serebii called it Namakobushi, which can transform the insides of its mouth into a fist.

Apart from the four Pokemon described above, the leaked poster has confirmed two Alolan forms — Alolan Meowth, a Dark-type, and Alolan Marowak, a Fire/Ghost-type Pokemon. Alolan Meowth is Dark-type due to its breeding by the royal family of Alola. The Marowak, meanwhile, has been developed in response to its natural predators, and wants to resist them.

The poster lets players have a glimpse of the Evil Team, called Team Skull, where its boss is called Guzma while the girl is Plumeri.

It has been revealed that the October issue of CoroCoro will feature a poster of Rockruff's "Secret Evolution." It is believed that Rockruff might have a connection with Alola starters.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is expected to be released on Nov. 18, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.