Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on 18 November for Nintendo 3DS.Facebook/Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the upcoming role-playing video game from developer Game Freak has revealed eight new Pokemon and two new characters.

The new monsters were revealed in the game's new trailer. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on 18 November for Nintendo 3DS.

Here are the new monsters for Pokemon Sun and Moon:

Silvally: This is evolved form of Type: Null. It has special ability called RKS system, which changes its typing when it holds certain items. They have multi-attack as the special move.

Hakamo-o: This is the evolution of Jangomo-o. They love to dance. The scales on the Pokemon reveal its toughness.

Kommo-o: This evolves from Hakamo-o. They have a new move Changing Scales. They have powerful scales that can protect the world. It attacks through punching action.

Ribombee: This is both a bee and a butterfly. Ribombees evolve from Cutiefly. They are cheerful and pleasant.

Steenee: This Pokemon evolves from Bounsweet, a sentient piece of fruit. However the Steenee has a very hard calyx on its head and it need not worry of being stabbed by others.

Tsareena: This evolves from Steenee. It has the ability called 'Queenly Majesty,' and it delivers elegant high kicks.

Alolan Grimer: Grimers fed on garbage and hence assumed a new coat of paint that fits the sludge monster image. It feeds on garbage.

Alolan Muk: This is the Alolan version of Muk and they do not have uniform shape. They are always hungry and requires toxins to satisfy them.

Here are the new characters for Pokemon Sun and Moon:

Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island

Ilima is a normal-type specialist Trial Captain.