Pokemon Sun and Moon
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The release of quite a few Nintendo games is pending in India, but the latest information may bring some sense of joy to its fans in the country. While Pokemon Go's release date in India is still a mystery, owners of Nintendo 3DS can enjoy two of the most-anticipated games, Sun and Moon, on their consoles soon.

Nintendo hasn't revealed the official launch date of Pokemon Sun and Moon in India, but Amazon India and Games The Shop online stores have listed both games online with a possible release date. According to Games The Shop, both Pokemon games will be released in India on 23 November, while Amazon India has listed November 16 and 18 as the release dates for Sun and Moon, respectively.

The most interesting part of the listing is that it reveals the price of the game titles in India. Pokemon Sun and Moon are listed for Rs 4,099 each. There is an option to pre-order the games on both retail sites.

There is no confirmation from the company that the pricing for the games in India is right, but compared to the international pricing, it is quite steep. In the United States, the games are available for $40, which roughly translates to Rs 2,700. According to Gadgets360, when the international pricing of the games is $40, they are released in India for Rs 3,299.