Pokemon Shuffle, the freemium puzzle game from publisher The Pokemon Company, recently announced that there will be a mobile version of the game that will be made available in Japan for Android and iPhone users.

And, in celebration of its release to the mobile platform, the publisher released some new pass codes (or passwords) for the game with the intention of giving players access to special items reported the trusted Serebii.

It was also reported that these are random ones from the Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. Below are the passwords:

  • 86001508 - Fetches 1 Experience Point
  • 86100002 - 1.5 item and 1000 coins
  • 08645601 - Fetches Mega Speed Up
  • 86010010 - Fetches 100 coins
  • 08620009 - Fetches 200 coins
  • 08630007 - Fetches 300 coins
  • 86040006 – Fetches 400 coins
  • 08650005 - Fetches 500 coins
  • 08601003 – For 1 Time +10
  • 86000504 – For a Moves +5

The players must note that these pass codes have to be entered on Pokemon Shuffle Mobile before 30 September, 2015, to get this password from Pokemon Shuffle 3DS version. Also, the players must update their mobile version to 1.2.13 in order to redeem them.

  • 65607110 – Fetches Lucarionite

Pokemon Shuffle: Events

Meanwhile, the players of the game will see the repeat of Mega Evolution Challenges happening until 31 August, 2015.

The players within the group of top 65,000 in Japan, 25,000 in North America and 16,000 in Europe will either get Venusaurite or a Jewel.

The players within the group of top 5,000 in Japan, 2,000 in North America and 1,200 in Europe will get Mega Speedup.

The players within the group of top 80,000 for Japan, 30,000 for North America and 20,000 in Europe will get Attack Power Up item. Disruption Delay will be available for those who do not qualify for Attack Power Up item.