Pokemon Shuffle is a freemium puzzle video game that was developed initially for Nintendo 3DS and later introduced on Android and iOS platforms.

The game receives regular events and challenges from its developer Genius Sonority and publisher Nintendo.

Last week we saw the confirmation of Latios Escalation Battle for 3DS and mobile version of the game in a Japanese Pokemon Daisuki Club newsletter. But we had to wait for the details regarding the event. Thanks to Serebii for sharing the necessary details regarding the event.

Latios Escalation Battle: This event has already started in Pokemon Shuffle for 3DS and mobile. It allows players to get Dragon-type Latios and its Mega Stone. This event will be available until 8 December.

Reward Table:

  • Level 5: EXP Points x1.5
  • Level 10: Disruption Delay
  • Level 25: Mega Start
  • Level 50: Latiosite
  • Level 100: Mega Speedup
  • Level 150: 1 Mega Speedup
  • Level 200: 1 Mega Speedup

Keldeo stage: This event has returned to the mobile version of Pokemon Shuffle.

Machamp stage: The Machamp stage has started on both 3DS and Mobile versions. This is a Fighting type Pokmeon with the Base power of 70 and has the ability to Eject and has a catch rate of 12% Base catch, 2% per move.

Mega Manectric stage: Players who ranked in the Mega Manectric completive stage will receive Manectite. Players who are ranked higher will be receiving Disruption Delay, Attack Power and Mega Speedup. Those players who did not qualify will receive a Jewel. The last date to get the reward is 30 November.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the Zoroark event for Pokemon ORAS players that was previously announced for Germany has now been removed from the official website. There is no clarity as to why it was removed.