Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released on 21 November, 2014.Facebook

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon ORAS), the popular RPG from developer Game Freak that was released in November 2015 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS will now get new themes.

New 3DS themes have been released for Japan and it will cost 200Â¥ for each of the two themes. Serebii mentioned that these themes will be having a specific focus and will have Pokemon theme.

One theme is Pokemon: Poke Create and Kokeshi Dolls which will have the imagery of different dolls with Sushi High-Roller music.

Next is the Pokemon: Peeking Pokemon Friends that will give users two views of Pokemon as they scroll. One view will be of the Pokemon Black and White with the dressing up music and the PokeKyun Collection from the upcoming TCG set in Japan. These themes are also available for Pokemon X and Y too.

Pokemon Shuffle gets new events

Pokemon Shuffle is a freemium puzzle video game that regularly gets new events.

Escalation Battle: An Escalation Battle has started for Keldeo Resolute Forum. This will run till 5 January, 2016.

Players reaching Level 25 will get 1000 coins, those hitting Level 30 will get Megsa Speedup, those that are on Level 40 will get 1000 coins, those on Level 50 get Mega Speedup, Level 60 gives 1000 coins, Level 70 gives Disruption Delay, Level 80 gives Attack Power, Level 90 gives 1000 coins and Level 100 gives Mega Speedup.

Shaymin stage: This stage is repeating for Pokemon Shuffle and is running for the first time on the game's mobile version. This will run until 5 January 2016. Those players who complete it will get a Jewel.

Regice stage: This stage is also repeating for Pokemon Shuffle and marks its first run on the Mobile version. It will run until 28 December.

Mega Garchomp competitive stage: Players who played this stage will get Garchompite following the completion of the stage.

 Pokemon Shuffle Mobile has a new Shop feature: This has been a new addition to Pokemon Shuffle Mobile featuring Special Shop. Users will be able to purchase some unique features –

There is a power up feature that remove the need for heart for an hour, but it will cost two Jewels.

There is one that boosts the chance of Super Catch Power for an hour, this too will cost two Jewels.

There is another that lowers the time needed to replenish hearts to 15 minutes and the amount of hearts to 10 for 24 hours. This too will cost two Jewels.