Pokemon Magikarp Jump
Pokemon Magikarp Jump: Tips and tricks for mastering the game revealedThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has just rolled out a new Pokemon game titled 'Magikarp Jump', which requires players to train and evolve multiple generations of Magikarp in their quest to challenge other players across eight different leagues in the tournament.

You need to feed and train your Magikarps, boost their stats and Jump Power, before you embark on various championship challenges or win commemorative photos in the Hall of Fame.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump
Pokemon Magikarp Jump: Tips and tricks for mastering the game revealed

Novices to Pokemon game should note that Magikarp is the weakest among all creatures and hence they lack powerful moves. Training Magikarps to make optimised jumps will fetch you rewards while extreme high jumps will make them a vulnerable prey to the bird Pokemon 'Pidgeotto'.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Following its initial launch in Japan, Italy, and several other countries, Pokemon Magikarp Jump is now available as a free download in the US as well as worldwide via App Store. Android users can also download the game for free via Google Play Store.

Training a weak Magikarp is both complicated and confusing. So, here are some quick tips and tricks to get you started:

Catching Magikarp is an art

You need to practice catching Magikarp with the fishing pole, as you need some of the best Magikarp in your quest to win the Magikarp Jump challenges ahead.

Collect all the nuggets you can

This game is all about the survival of the fittest and hence it is imperative to keep your Magikarp well fed. So, it can sustain long enough during those rigorous training sessions.

Magikarp learns with action

Don't bore your Magikarp with the training commentary and instead let it get into the ring for some serious challenges with rival teams.

Check your Magikarp performance with Jump Reviews

Don't shy away from periodic Jump Reviews for your Magikarp. Demand the officials to review the jump and you can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your beloved creature.

Buy upgrades and power-ups with coins

Don't be a miser in trying to save up those coins as you will need to unlock newer skills and upgrades in your quest to create the best Magikarp.

Soda is bad for health, but Magikarp loves soda

Feed your Magikarp with lots of soda as you will recover one training point for every training soda you have used. More training points you earn will translate to more unlockable skills.

Be sure to collect achievement rewards

You will need lots of cash in order to train better than your rivals and win the biggest challenges in the game. So, don't forget to collect all the rewards.

Allow your Magikarp to take risks

Let your Magikarp jump at anything in its vicinity as it all boils down to improvising on skills and timing.

Invest on any help you can get

Buy upgrades and enhancements from helper Pokemon like Pikachu's Light Ball, Charizard's Charcoal and Snorlax's Leftovers.