Far Cry 5 artwork with Last Supper thematic
Far Cry 5 artwork with Last Supper thematicUbisoft

Ubisoft has just released its first Far Cry 5 artwork poster depicting the in-game characters with a predominantly religious cult theme, wherein it reminds us of the seven characters from Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Last Supper'. The artwork gives away tons of details including the clothing of the characters, weapons and the planes, besides the modern timeframe of the game setting.

The character seen at the centre of the image appears to be the lead Antagonist, who is wearing yellow-tinted hunting glasses and reciting some prayers from an open book. One can also notice the Church in the background, a prisoner with his disembodied hand and the word "SINNER" written all over his back.

The presence of holy-grail coupled with the seven-character set showcasing identical body postures from 'The Last Supper', actually confirms the long-standing rumour of religious cult theme.

If you are still not convinced, check out the parallel comparison of the artwork from The Last Supper and the official artwork of Far Cry 5 in the image below:

Far Cry 5 and The Last Supper reference
Far Cry 5 artwork portrays controversial religious cult theme with menacing characters

Dressed in flannel shirts with dog tags and lethal weapons, the men portray the look of a hillbilly militia. There is also an American flag draped over the table with Iron Cross-like pointed symbol decorating the top-half portion of the flag. It appears like a mirror-image of the flag is hanging down the church's steeple.

The game seems set in an eerie and fictional world of Hope County as depicted in Ubisoft's recent live-action teaser trailer. It is obvious that you as a player or protagonist will be facing the biggest baddies from a religious cult group in Far Cry 5.

Ubisoft has indeed created a massive canvas with a religiously evil-cult group that looks both wild and menacing. If you missed out the teaser trailers, you should definitely take a look at them.

Far Cry 5 is due for release by April 2018. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has already announced the launch of worldwide reveal trailer for 26 May at 9am EST.