Pokemon Go
Pokemon GoREUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Illustration

Asian "Pokemon Go" players are upbeat about the possibility of the game hitting their shores too after the AR mobile game successfully made its way to Japan and Hong Kong.

Countries like India, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand and others have seen a heightened sense of excitement among fans awaiting the popular game's release.

But it is likely that Singapore might be the next country where the game would be released, well ahead of India, Malaysia and Thailand.

This presumption comes from the fact that Singapore government has said that it will be monitoring the impact the game will have on society, after which it might issue guidelines.

This move by Singapore government reflects a similar move by Japan before the game was released in that country.

Moreover, a fake Twitter handle @PokemonGO_SG claimed that the game would be released in Singapore on July 25. Singapore Reddit users later revealed that it was a fake handle. A recent post from the handle apologised for the fake news about the game's launch.

Many fans are also scared that the game might be banned in Singapore. 

Geo-block status

The game has been geo-blocked in many countries. Though major parts of Indian and several of the metropolitan cities are under geo-block, northern and western regions of India have seen partial liting of the geo-block.

Pokemon Go servers were accessible to players in Uttar Pradesh (Agra), Madhya Pradesh (Jabalpur), Karnataka (Dharwad and Mangaluru), Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat (Ahmedabad) as of Friday.

As of Monday, the geo-block did not exist in Bhopal and Nagpur. The game still cannot be played in parts of Central India and South India (including Bengaluru and Chennai).

Indian players have also reported that the servers were down on Tuesday.

Two places in Bangladesh — Dhaka and Chittagong — are found to have geo-blocks.

In Indonesia, the geo-block does not exist in south of Sumatra, in all areas from west of Java Island to Lombok Island, in all areas in south of Kalimantan and in Sorong, West Papua.

In Maldives, the game cannot be played in Male, the capital city, but it can be played in the southern region of the country.

Though Nepal has a geo-block, some Redditors have reported that they are able to play in some places like Butwal and Nepalgunj.

Chinese players flooding Japanese servers

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that due to the Chinese government's blocking Google, Chinese players have taken the VPN route and have been flooding Japanese servers. The post noted that some of the Chinese gamers are "exploiting the VPN connections for their own childish agendas."