A man plays the augmented reality mobile game
A man plays the augmented reality mobile game Reuters

Even as gamers in several countries, including India, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc are waiting for the release of "Pokemon Go," more than two months after its launch in other markets, Niantic is reportedly coming to Android wear with its latest update.

Pokemon Go Hub has reported that it has decompiled and data-mined the latest version of "Pokemon Go" and found out that the game is coming to Android wear. It said that the project called Pokemon Go Plus will make the game compatible to Android Watch and enable the device to communicate with Android smartphones via Bluetooth.

The communication between Android watch and the smartphone app will be encrypted (AES), and one can play on the watch even without opening the app, according to the report. It also suggested that an Android smartwatch can be paired with iOS.

"Pokemon Go" was first released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand on July 6 before expanding to about 80 other countries in the subsequent weeks. However, developers of the game have gone silent after the game was released in a few more countries in August first week.

The game recorded 75 million downloads within 19 days of its release but its popularity has taken a beating over the last few weeks. Surprisingly, Niantic is yet to release it in India, China and South Korea, which are among the world's biggest gaming markets. Several other countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, South Korea, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Syria, Burma, Lebanon, Maldives, Turkey, Nepal, North Korea, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Oman, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Yemen etc are yet to get the game.

It appears like "Pokemon Go" release in India will be delayed even if the developers are ready as a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Gujarat High Court seeking a ban on the game for hurting the religious sentiments of certain communities. It stated that Go eggs were spotted in places of worship.

In a similar case, a blogger from Russia has been charged with inciting hatred and and humiliation of human dignity, and hurting religious sentiments after a video of him playing "Pokemon Go" inside the Church went viral.

The game has already been banned in Iran, and a few countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia have restricted gamers from playing it at select places.

"Pokemon Go" is a free augmented reality (AR) mobile phone game for iOS and Android platforms. It lets players catch virtual characters in real life environment and uses real-time geospatial technologies and Google's map data to play.