"Pokémon Go" is one of Nintendo's smartphone games and has gone viral in the countries where it has officially been released as well as in countries where it is yet to be launched, courtesy of the side-loading trick. The game has been released in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., but there are guides to help you play the game in other countries, including India.

Pokémon Go: Cheats and Tricks I How to install? I Will it work in India?

We have a guide that helps smartphone users in India and other countries to unofficially download "Pokémon Go" and start playing it ahead of the official release. But there are also risks associated with the illicit side-loading of the game using an APK file, which is available on the internet. While it is wise to wait for the game's official release in India, eager fans can experience the augmented reality game by agreeing to what's at stake.

"Pokémon Go" has received a spectacular response in the countries where it has been officially released, resulting in crashing the game's servers. The users are actively playing the game, which has almost exceeded Twitter's 65 million users in the U.S. According to Forbes, gamers are spending twice the amount of time on "Pokémon Go" than they are on apps like Snapchat.

"Pokémon Go" is a hit in most parts of the world, but is it bound to succeed in India? Given the current situation, the chances of success for "Pokemon Go" are minimal and here are the reasons:

Is it worth risking your privacy?

First and foremost reason why "Pokémon Go" is unlikely to gain the same momentum as it did in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand is because the AR-based game is not available for download of Google Play Store for Android smartphones and Apple App Store for iOS devices. Although it is simple to get the game working in India by side-loading an APK file on your smartphone, there are risks associated with the process.

According to a security firm Proofpoint, Pokemon Go APK reportedly installs a malware called DroidJack on the device, putting users' sensitive information at great risk. The APK also seeks additional permissions than the original app requires.

A little fun can cost you a lot.

Data overages

"Pokémon Go" is an internet-based app and also uses GPS to locate you on a virtual map. Since the phone is always connected to the internet while playing the game and it also updates information and maps to accurately guide the gamers. It can easily empty your data tank and result in overage charges for postpaid users or charge from main balance of prepaid accounts.

Be watchful of your data limits while playing Pokémon Go.

GPS signal lost

India is a country, which is still in the process of establishing reliable network coverage. When we tried playing the game, there were several instances where the GPS signal was lost. The app stopped responding and the only way to get it to work was to re-launch it. We struggled to find GPS connections in some areas of our office building.

Since the game requires GPS at all times, you may not enjoy the gaming experience in dead zones.

Suspicious eyes

When you are about to catch a Pokémon, you must aim the smartphone's camera towards the Pokémon in range and throw the pokeball at the right time. Capturing the Pokémon is not an instantaneous process, so we had to point the camera at random people on streets while trying to capture the Pokémon.

We were met with suspicious eyes while pointing the camera at random people. It was a friendly neighbourhood, so I'm guessing I was spared any trouble.

Know your locality before making attempts to capture Pokémon.