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"Pokemon Go" frenzy has caught the world unawares, with players going crazy over catching the virtual Pokemon in this Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile video game from the makers of Ingress game, Niantic.

"Pokemon Go" lets players capture virtual Pokemon in real world, then train, transfer and trade the Pokemon. Players become trainers and defend a Gym and battle with others. They can also collect items, Eggs in PokeStops and can also make purchases using the PokeCoins via real-world money. This game was released on July 6 for iPhone and Android devices.

"Pokemon Go" has not yet been officially launched in India but that has not stopped Pokemon fans from downloading APK files.

Players, however, must be cautious and careful when downloading APK files as there have been reports that some of the APK files have malware embedded in them. The malware has a remote access tool, which has the ability to take control of the user's device.

The game has become a kind of a cultural phenomenon in the countries that have officially received the game, namely the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The release in other countries has been paused due to server issues that the company has had to grapple with.

Stories have also emerged that said that the game was a government surveillance ploy. In a reported instance, robbers lured Pokemon players to a secluded location and mugged them. In another incident, a teenager found a dead body when she went to search for a water type Pokemon.

But all these instances have not deterred Indian Pokemon fans who have taken to social media sites to share their experiences with the game.

However, playing "Pokemon Go" in India will be a lot different from playing in the western countries. One of the first differences is the issue of network and connectivity, followed by PokeStops being located in places of worship (includes temples, churches and mosques), unlike other countries where bars and pubs are the PokeStops.

Here are some of the reactions from Pokemon fans who have been playing "Pokemon Go" game: