People play the augmented reality mobile game
People play the augmented reality mobile game Reuters

"Pokemon Go" the hit AR mobile game from Niantic received Android and iOS updates over the weekend.

Players have complained on the Reddit that the recent update might have made it difficult for them to catch Pokemon. This issue seems to be prevalent mostly in the iOS version of the game as Android users have reported having better catch rate than before.

One player complained that the Pokemon waits for the balls to be released and only then it starts up its animation. The Pokemon were seen jumping more often than before. The Pokemon player clearly believed that this was to make them waste Poke Balls, thus making players buy it from the store.

Some players observed that the Pokemon perform a little dance when the Ball is thrown at them. Others have said that 70 percent of the Pokemon they faced ran away.

Reddit user, Raevan72 posted his experiences in levels 20-21:

  • Basic Pokemon like Pidgeys are seen escaping the ball and fleeing after a few tries
  • All Pokemon are fleeing more readily
  • All Pokemon are acting out more frequently
  • I'm missing on my throws more! I feel like the perceived distance between me and the Pokemon isn't calculated the same way anymore and I have to adjust my technique
  • Balls are going over their heads more or flying through the circle without landing
  • Balls are less frequently doing that "wild curveball that I didn't throw"
  • It takes more tries to catch just about any Pokemon. I'm losing balls left and right.
  • Great and Excellent throws are not getting the bonuses

Another Reddit user, IG-64 listed things that make players waste Poke Balls:

  • Missing a throw
  • Poke Ball curves randomly
  • Pokemon attacks Poke Ball
  • Pokemon breaks out of Poke Ball
  • Pokemon moves farther away, causing you to miss more
  • Pokemon runs away, making all of the Poke Balls you just wasted fruitless

Ploy to sell Poke Balls?

Some players have argued on Reddit forum that this could be a ploy to sell Poke Balls.

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Though players get free Poke Balls in PokeStops, it is not a frequent occurrence and moreover they might not get powerful Poke Balls. But "Pokemon Go" has features, microtransactions that will allow players to buy Poke Balls from virtual shop for real world money.

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Meanwhile, another Reddit thread also complained about the Android version update of the game, where players had to use more Balls, Berries per catch than before the update. This had made players travel to two PokeStops on an average to catch one Pokemon. Some players in the suburban and rural areas too have voiced concern over having higher escape rates with low amount of balls.

Further, players interested in a detailed analysis on Pokemon catch rates and encounters can head to this post on The Silph Road.