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"Pokemon Go," the sensational Augmented Reality (AR)-based video game from Niantic and Nintendo, has triggered fan frenzy and has risen in popularity and craze allows players to catch virtual Pokemon that are only visible through the app's camera.

Players have to use the GPS on their device and catch these Pokemon by walking around the neighbourhood and to the locations that the game shows. Players can also transfer the Pokemon and earn rewards.

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Though initially players will get low-end Pokemon, as they progress through the game and increase in the levels, they might still end up getting the low-ended Pokemon. This is because most of the Rare Pokemon are basically rare, which means that they do not spawn at regular interval or are rarely found.

Where are how to find Rare Pokemon Snorlax?

There is no conclusive evidence that Snorlax will spawn at a particular place, it can pop up randomly. Players will also notice that there are certain areas where specific Pokemon like Rattata or Zubats are found, and then there are areas where other Pokemon are normally found.

It has been observed that the mechanics in the game is such that it tends to cycle several types of Pokemon in a certain area where they might find rare Pokemon like Eevee or Drowzee.

So, players can strategise to raise their chances to find a Rare Pokemon like Snorlax.

Step 1: Use Incense and Lure items on new areas

Every time players enter a new area of exploration, they must use Incenses and Lure items. Use Incense especially at all places where the player has not been. Lure Module must be used at rare PokeStop that guarantees a Pokemon.

Step 2: Collect 10K Eggs

We already know that Lucky Eggs will need players to walk a particular number of kilometres – 2K, 5K, 10K, for them to hatch. Given the fact that an Egg can hatch any of the Pokemon featured in the game, it has also been observed that 10K Eggs hatch Rare Pokemon and there are 15 odd Rare Pokemon in the game, so there is a chance of players getting Snorlax, though it is observed that Eevee is more common than the rest.

Step 3: Contact other Trainers

Players can also contact other Trainers to know what they have already captured. Players must also continuously be on the lookout for Pokemon in new locations and must check their Nearby option at regular intervals.