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"Pokemon Go" is the newest Nintendo game that has triggered a rare and unseen frenzy among fans, who make use of the camera's device to see the virtual Pokemon lurking around the user's neighbourhood.

The game has become so popular that the servers of its developer Niantic experienced problems, thus delaying the release of the game at other locations around the world.

Players use the GPS from their devices to track the Pokemon, or the PokeStop. Catching a Pokemon is the first step for players, who have to graduate as trainers and eventually become a master trainer.

Here are some of the tips, tricks and guide that players can use to become master Pokemon that Phone Arena:

Select Pikachu at the start: At the start of the game, 'Pokemon Go' players get to select one of the three Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. But there is a hidden way that players can choose Pikachu. So when the option for the three Pokemon pops up, ignore it by physically walking away from them.

The game will try to convince you to pick one of the three but players will have to ignore, and a reward, they will be given Pikachu.

Note: Wait until the AR-based game pushes its starter Pokemon options thrice.

Getting free Poke Balls: At the start of the game, players are given 50 Poke Balls. And these 50 Poke Balls will get over soon, no matter how good or bad you are at the game. Players have found a new way to get free Poke Balls – every time players level up they get free Poke Ball and visiting PokeStop, which offer players with free items that might include Poke Balls.

Recover a Poke Ball that missed target: Players must quickly recover a Poke Ball before they miss the target. This will ensure that though the player missed his/her target, he/she did not lose the Poke Ball.

PokeStops reset every five minutes: Players can stick around the PokeStop to collect items that will include Poke Balls. This is known to reset every five minutes. When it is reset, it will turn from purple to blue.

Capture even a duplicate: Players should never miss a chance to capture a Pokemon even if it is duplicate for the simple reason that in the game, even the duplicate ones have different attack moves and Combat Power stats.

Capture even a low-end Pokemon: When Nintendo says, "Catch 'em all!" then they mean it, so even when players get to capture Pokemon like Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Zubat, Ratata, they have to capture it. These low-end Pokemon can be transferred to the Professor who rewards players with Candy, which will be essential for Pokemon to Evolve at higher stages.

Transferring low-end Pokemon to Professor: The game lets Professor Willow to reward players who "Transfer" Pokemon (players must transfer the Pokemon that they do not need, especially the low-end and less CP ones) with a reward of a Candy that becomes necessary during the later stages.

Track Pokemon using "Nearby" feature: Players must hit the Nearby menu while searching for Pokemon as it will show up the Pokemon that are nearby. The farthest will have three footprints and the nearest one footprint. So, players need to select one Pokemon and move towards it until there is one footprint.

Turn off the AR, while capturing Pokemon: Turning off the AR when capturing the Pokemon will be helpful as players will not need to search in the camera and the Pokemon comes in the centre, in front of the player. It will also save players from battery getting depleted.

Colours of the ring indicate difficulty capturing: When players are homed on to a Pokemon, rings appear on it, players normally capture the Pokemon when the rings are the smallest. There are four types of rings based on difficulty – Green (easy), Yellow (slightly difficult), Orange (more difficult than Yellow) and Red (high difficulty).

Flick the ball right at the Pokemon: When they are capturing the Pokemon, players will have to be steady, and press and hold the ball until the ring is at the smallest diameter, now throw the ball right at the Pokemon. Doing this right, will see "Nice!", "Great!" "Excellent!" remarks that rewards them with an XP.

Pink flowers are Lures: Pink flowers near the PokeStops are nothing but Lure, an item found in the game that can be used by a player to attract wild Pokemon. The affect of such Lures will last 30 minutes.

Mastering map navigation: Players need to master navigation, and in "Pokemon Go" that is nothing but the Maps on your device. Tapping the map twice and swiping it up or down will zoom in or out of the map, and this can be done with singe hand.

 Grass rumbling "could" mean a hiding Pokemon: Players who come across grass rumbling must head there immediately as there can be a possibility of a hiding Pokemon. But there are also chances that the rumbling might turn out to be a dud in terms of Pokemon.

Rename Pokemon duplicates: In order to eliminate confusion, the game lets players to rename Pokemon duplicates. This allows players to micro-manage the repertoire of Pokemon in their collection.

Evolving increases Combat Power: Evolving a Pokemon will dramatically increase its Combat Power. If a Pokemon must evolve, players will need to gather specific number of Candies.

Evolving rewards players with XP: Apart from the CP, players will also get XP. Evolving a single Pokemon will fetch players with 500XP.

Players must use Stardust and Candy to Power Up Pokemon: Using these both items which are generated by various means can help players to Power Up a Pokemon.

Ways to get Stardust: Stardust can be when players have captured a Pokemon or when they maintain control of a Pokemon Gym.

Do not distinguish, just join one team: After reaching level 5, players will have to visit a Gym and Professor Willow will ask players to join a team. Players will have the option of joining Mystic, Valour and Instinct. There is no difference between the colours or the logos so players can join any team, but if they a have their friends in one team then it is different.

Eggs hatch only when you walk: Players will have to walk if they have to hatch the Pokemon Eggs. If they are riding, they will not be able to hatch them as the game tracks the speed at which a player is travelling. It also makes use of the GPS from the phone.

Use Lucky Egg to double XP: Players can use Lucky Egg to double the XP, but this must be used only when they want it at critical times.

Gym Prestige is important: Prestige indicates the health of the Gym. If the Prestige of a Gym goes down to zero, that means other players can lay claim to it. But if the Prestige increases, then players will get an extra Pokemon slot. This will allow other to add their Pokemon to the Gym. Increasing the number of Pokemon in important to keep it under player's control.

Losing a Gym does not also mean losing the Pokemon: Those players who lose their Gym will not be losing out their Pokemon, as the Pokemon will be added to the player's inventory.

One Pokemon per player in a Gym: The Gym allows only one Pokemon per player, to generate more slots, Gym has to level up.

Utilise Pokemon type advantages: Players must make use of Pokemon type advantages to successfully battle Pokemon. Some Pokemon are vulnerable or stronger than other Pokemon types.

Bug types are not effective against Flying, Fire, Poison, Fighting, Steel, and Fury Pokemon; but they are very effective against Grass, Psychic, and Dark Pokemon.

Players get rewarded for keeping Pokemon in Gym, every 21 hours: Players who keep their Pokemon for 21 hours are rewarded with 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust for every Pokemon in the Gym. The reward is only for 10 Gyms, which will mean players can only earn a maximum of 100 Pokecoins and 5000 Stardust, in such cases.

Know the Attack Move: Players must know their Attack Move, if a player single taps on a Pokemon, it attacks normally, but if a player presses and holds on to the enemy then player's Pokemon will unleash a special attack. Special attacks deplete Power Points.

Keep an eye on Power Points (PP): Players will have to keep an eye on Power Points which decrease every time player launches a special attack.

Dodge the enemy attacks: When a rival Pokemon is attacking, players need to dodge by swiping right or left on the screen.

List of XP gained from throwing action: Here is a list of the amount of XP players gain from differing actions based on how they throw the ball –

  • Curve ball throw - 10 XP
  • Nice throw - 10 XP
  • Great throw -50 XP
  • Excellent throw - 100 XP
  • Check-in at a PokeStop - 50 XP
  • Capture a Pokemon - 100 XP
  • Battle an enemy trainer at a Gym - 100 XP
  • Beat an enemy trainer at a Gym - 150 XP
  • Hatch a Pokemon Egg - 200 XP
  • Evolve a Pokemon - 500 XP
  • Catch a new Pokemon - 500 XP

Wear comfortable shoes: Since players need to walk a lot, it would be a good idea to be prepared for it with a comfortable pair of shoes.

Google Opinion Rewards gives out free PokeCoins: Downloading Google Opinion Rewards and filling the surveys will allow players to gain some free PokeCoins via store credits.

Use a Drone: As some Reddit forum users have tried out, "Pokemon Go" players have used Drone technology to check and catch Pokemon. The players used a drone-laptop-tablet setup, all this while sitting comfortably at their home.

Place the phone face down to save battery: The game has an inbuilt battery saver, when players place their phone face down, the battery saver activates. This happens on devices with AMOLED display.

In order to get notifications, keep it on: Players have to keep the game running if they want to get the notifications.

 Be careful: Reports have emerged of players being robbed and finding a dead corpse, so players are advised to be safe and aware of where they are headed and be cautious about their surroundings.