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Finding Rare Pokemon in the popular Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile video game, "Pokemon Go" is not easy for Trainers, even as they try to raise their chances of finding a rare one by following guides like this.

Irrespective of the fact that finding a Rare Pokemon depends on several factors like time of day, environment and so on, one Reddit user (via VG247) has suggested the possibility of using Ingress app, Niantic's previous AR video game to home in on Pokemon locations.

Ingress app generates what is called XM, which are areas of frequent cellular activity that seem to be linked to Pokemon locations.

So any Trainer trying to catch Rare Pokemon can have both the apps open as it would help them to catch more Pokemon in lesser time.

Other tips to find the Rare Pokemon include using Incense and Lure Modules. It is also suggested to use Razz Berries. Players were also advised to incubate Eggs before they leave. Moreover, they must see to it that they try to work on the 5K and 10K Eggs. Here players will have to walk 5kms and 10kms respectively and these Eggs might give out Rare Pokemon.

Players can check the silhouettes in the bar on the right hand corner. They are a pointer to a Pokemon that players have not yet caught.

Another way of finding a rare Pokemon is by levelling up the Trainer level.