When Xiaomi spun off Poco as an independent smartphone brand, we anticipated the company to finally launch the highly-anticipated Poco F2. As expected, we are finally starting to hear about Poco F2 - this time from official channels.

Poco India shared a video teaser on Twitter and captioned it "#POCOIsHere and it'll give chills to others. IYKWWM. Season 2 is live now! Brace yourself for the impact." The teaser doesn't give away much about the phone, it only talks about "season 2," which we are guessing to be a reference to the second-generation of Poco smartphone.

Poco F2 teaser officially released
Poco F2 teaser officially releasedPoco video screenshot

Is it Poco F2?

Poco doesn't really give away information about Poco F2 in its teaser. But going through the comments and replies on the thread, it is clear that the company is talking about the Poco F2 here. We've picked some important tweets that back up our claim:

Poco F2 hints dropped
Poco F2 hints droppedTwitter screenshot

Adding more weight to the claim, Poco India GM C Manmohan also retweeted the teaser and strongly hinted at Poco F2. He acknowledged the fact that people have been asking about just one thing in the past year and everyone already knows what it is.

Poco F2 hints dropped
Poco F2 hints droppedTwitter screenshot

Poco F2 and others

Poco F2 is certainly the most awaited smartphone for the longest time we know, but Poco has some big plans for 2020. All this time, the company refused to launch or even talk about new smartphones, but it is now considering launching not one but three phones this year.

Poco F2 will be joined by Poco F2 Lite and Poco F2 Pro this year, giving fans something worthwhile for waiting this long. In addition, rumours also suggest Poco might launch Poco X series sometime this year. All its efforts are going to be targeted towards stealing market share from OnePlus in the premium category.

Until something concrete pops up on our radar, check out Poco's official teaser hinting at Poco F2.