Akshay kumar interviews modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a conversation with actor Akshay Kumar, in New Delhi, on April 24, 2019.IANS

In a "candid and completely non-political" conversation with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, Narendra Modi on Wednesday said he never thought of becoming the Prime Minister because there was nothing in his background that could make him think like that.

"Common people do not believe in such things," he said, adding that thoughts (like being the Prime Minister one day) could only come to those who have a family background.

"But my family background is one like if I would have got a good job, my mother would have distributed jaggery to the neighbours because we never thought beyond that. We never saw anything outside our village," PM Modi told Akshay Kumar in an interaction at his 7 Lok Kalyan Marg residence.

"This journey just started and the country accepted me. Responsibilities also came to me automatically. As per my personal view, this (becoming Prime Minister) is unnatural because my life and the world do not fit in the current political atmosphere."

"I always wonder how the country loves me and gives me so much," he added.

There was a time, PM Modi said he believed he would either turn out to be a "sanyasi" (hermit) or serve the Indian Army. The actor also asked PM Modi about his daily routine, besides his responsibilities, his love for mangoes and his sleep schedule.

Kumar started off asking the PM about his epic love for mangoes. PM Modi got nostalgic and told him about how he used to enjoy mangoes as a child. However, now as the PM, he has to be careful and needs to keep a tab on his diet.

A few minutes before the talk went live, a small clip was aired on Instagram. Here, the 51-year-old actor spoke to PM Modi about his sleep schedules.

A few hours after the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections voting concluded, Kumar had made an announcement on Twitter that he would be engaging in a "candid and completely non-political" interaction with the PM.

He said that the chat would offer a "breather" to the PM amid his hectic campaigning schedule. He also said that the conversation will help viewers "discover" some facts about PM Modi.