Amidst contemplations about what happens after the 21-day lockdown and whether it will get extended or not, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hinted at the lockdown not getting extended. On Thursday, the PM called for a "common exit strategy" between the central government, states, and union territories to ensure the entire population doesn't come out at once on April 15.

narendra modi
narendra modi

He was interacting with all the Chief Ministers through video conferencing from his residential office. During the meeting, the PM urged states to focus on testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine for the next few weeks. He said that these steps were important to arrest the spread of coronavirus.

Modi had a pointwise agenda for the meeting held:

1. PM Modi has asked for suggestions from all CMs on how to exit the lockdown.

2. The main focus for all state administrations should be testing, tracing, quarantine and isolation for the next few weeks.

3. Next point was that social distancing is maintained at every cost and at every step.

4. For avoiding crowds at state-run banks; the PM has asked for a spread out the release of funds to beneficiaries under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana.

5. He asked all CMs to enforce the lockdown and help everyone in need to get food and other amenities. Especially focusing on Tablighi Jamaat participants; he said that contact tracing of people tested positive for COVID-19 should be a priority.

6. He stated that crisis management groups at the district level will help in planning, execution of the steps needed to tackle the pandemic.

7. He appreciated the efforts put in by all state Govts saying that this has helped in checking the transmission to some extent. He also expressed concern about the rapidly deteriorating global health crisis.

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8. The need to maintain the supply of essential medicines, essential food items and availability of raw material for manufacture of medicines and medical equipment was stressed upon by the PM. He urged states to tap in para-medical staff, NCC and NSS volunteers.

9. Nothing specific was stated about the lockdown not being extended. The CM of Arunachal Pradesh had posted a Tweet saying that lockdown will end after April 14 but he deleted the Tweet later.

10. He also stated that he will be giving out a video message to the country at 9 AM on Friday. India has about 2,000 positive COVID-19 cases in the country with 65 reported deaths.