Day after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister saying the youth will hit him with sticks if he is unable to address the issue of unemployment in the country, Narendra Modi said, "I heard an Opposition MP saying - we will beat Modi with sticks in 6 months."

"I have also decided - will do more Surya Namaskar. This will make my back even stronger to face abuses. In any case, I have been abused so much for the last 2 decades, their negativity hardly matters, PM Modi said in Lok Sabha.

"For the past 20 years, I have heard a lot of abuses," PM Modi said while continuing his attack on the Congress leader.

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PM Modi replies to the debate in Lok Sabha on Motion of Thanks of President's speech.Twitter

Rahul Gandhi on unemployment rate in India

Earlier on Wednesday, Congress' Rahul Gandhi warned PM Modi and said, "The PM is right now delivering speeches, but six months later, he will not be able to even leave his home."

Addressing a rally in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi said, "The youth of India will beat him up with sticks and make him understand that this country will not be able to make progress until jobs are provided to them."

Rahul Gandhi accused the Centre of failing to address concerns of the youth. "Unemployment rate in India is at a 45-year high, but nothing was spoken about it in Budget or Presidential address by Narendra Modi and Nirmala Sitharaman," Rahul Gandhi said.