As the country grapples with the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed the nation and sought people's support for his initiative of "Janata Curfew" on March 22. In a televised address, PM Modi said that the threat of coronavirus for developing countries like India was serious and in order to combat the virus, people need to follow the instructions of the state and central governments

"This Sunday, every citizen of the country has to follow "Janata Curfew" on March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm. Our efforts on 22 March, will be a symbol of our self-restraint and resolve to perform duty in the national interest. The success of Janata-curfew on 22 March, its experiences will also prepare us for the challenges to come," the prime minister said.

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to abide by the "Janata Curfew" on March 22.Twitter

What is "Janata Curfew", why PM Modi has called for it

Amid the spiralling cases of the coronavirus infection, India is starring at threat of community transmission of the COVID-19. This is the first wave and if stringent measures are not taken up now, the second wave of the coronavirus outbreak is likely to be more dangerous.  Since their is no cure and the virus can't be stopped, it is imperative to slow it down. The "Janata Curfew" is a move aimed at disrupting the chains of the infection.

Under the Janata Curfew, every citizen of the country, except those related to essential services, have been advised to stay home. " person should leave their home or gather in their society. Only those related to essential services need to go out," said the Prime Minister, adding that all citizens must abide by this.

"On that day, at 5 pm, we will stand at our balconies, windows or doors for 5 minutes, we will show our gratitude to those maintaining essential services by ringing bells, sounding sirens, clapping or clanging utensils," he said.

The PM said that the self-inflicted curfew would develop a new discipline for social distancing and urged people to stay home and leave only if necessary over the next few weeks. "Coronavirus has endangered humanity. It has affected more nations than the World War," he added.