A video of Tisca Chopra in an irritated mood has gone viral on the internet as she is seen refusing the paparazzi for a pose. The video shows the actor rushing towards her car, in a hurry to get away from the attention.

Tisca Chopra
Tisca Chopra

In the video, she can be seen waving the paparazzi away, even as they call out to her to pose for photographs. "Please hatiye (move)," she says, as she gestures at them. Tisca continues to wave them away as she gets in her car.

In a recent interview to Hindustan Times, she'd expressed a desire to move away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, perhaps to the mountains. "I need to quickly make my house somewhere outside of Mumbai. Somewhere where there is a lawn."

"I realised that you can work in the city and stay and live your life in another place. I am looking at somewhere around Maharashtra but also Himachal Pradesh where I was born. I love the mountains and we are looking at someplace which has ease at life," she had said.

Tisca recently voiced her opinion on the Rhea Chakraborty arrest in the drugs case and how the media had been insensitive towards the issue. Tisca had slammed the media trial that Rhea had been subjected to.

"It pained me to see that we have lost all restraint, all decency and patience to let the law take its course," she had written in a social media post, adding the hashtags, "innocent until proven guilty," and "let the truth emerge."