PlayStation 4.5
[Representation Image] Sony rumoured to be developing PlayStation 4.5.Reuters File

Sony recently released a new system update 3.50 for PlayStation 4 that was expected to bring several social features, Remote Play support for PC and Mac. The update was supposed to make the user experience better, however, some console users have complained of issues they had to face following its installation.

Many PS4 users have taken to PlayStation Forums voicing their complaints and the issues they faced after installing the update. Gaming website, Gamepur has shared a few fixes for the issues.

Here is a list of issues and their fixes:

  • Microphone not working on third party headset after update 3.50 â€” Several players have reported on the Forum posts that their third party headsets are not working, for some it's the Apple headset, for others it's Bose.

One forum member suggested to PS4 users to "Unplug and replug the headset very quickly." The report added to it saying the unplugging must be such that the users should not "take out the jack fully from the controller." Eventually it will work, the post added.

  • HULU not working â€” After updating their consoles to update 3.50, HULU service to many PS4 users is not working. They are receiving error messages.

The report has shared its fix:

Go to system storage management, delete the data but not the app.

Go to settings->application saved data->saved in system storage->delete-select hulu->delete

  • PS4 randomly entering rest mode â€” Soon after installing the update, the PS4 console goes randomly into rest mode. The issue was followed by a bleeping sound for many.

No fix found for the issue yet.

  • PS4 heating up issue â€” Console users have complained that after the update their PS4 is heating up more than it used to.

No fix found for the issue yet.

  • PS4 not booting up after installing the update â€” Several PS4 users have complained about the console not booting up after the update. They noted that this is happening even though they have tried downloading via regular download method and safe menu update.

This issue, according to the forum post is currently solved.

One user noted, "I unplugged everything from the console and left it for a few minutes, hooked it all back up, then when prompted started the update. It restarted and started installing."

Another user had this to say, "You don't have to unplug everything from the console, just unplug the power cord from the outlet for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in. This is how you perform a hard reset for the console. Just make sure when you disconnect the power cord, there is no white or blue light. If you disconnect the power out of frustration while the software is updating, you might brick your console, meaning that it is now as useful as a brick."

  • Remote Play Accessibility not working â€” Following the installation of the update, some PS4 users tried the new Remote Play for PC and Mac but, "custom button assignment on the PS4 is not carrying over to the remote PC or Mac" said one user in a post.

Here is what one user wrote on the issue, "Controller mapping is local to the device that you are playing on. It was never supported by PS4 Link Remote Play, on any device. If you are playing on a PC, then any controller mapping must be done on the PC. The settings on the PS4 only apply to DS4 controllers that are paired with the PS4."

Unable to find Wi-Fi after update — Some players have said that they are not able to find their Wi-Fi after the update installation and some have received error codes.

  • Green line on top of Media Player when playing videos â€” Some users have found a green line on top of the Media Player when playing the video.

No fix for the issue has been found yet.