David Attenborough
Planet Earth sequel released after ten yearsFacebook/BBC Earth

BBC is out with a brand new Planet Earth sequel hosted by David Attenborough after ten long years.

It ranks as one of the great nature documentaries of all time which give the viewers the opportunity to witness the ice worlds, rain forest and the stunning biodiversity of the planet.

Recently BBC has released the first of six behind-the-scene videos as companions to the new series. These are all 360-degree films. One can click and drag on the picture and can actually look around and see how the crew work.

These 360-degree videos are so amazing that viewers can take a glimpse of how the entire crew prepped to shoot an epic battle between snakes and baby iguanas and dive with playful Galapagos fur seals. And, this snakes and iguanas fight is just one of several extraordinary sequences that fill the BBC's latest landmark wildlife series.

The 360-degree video is still a format without much of a purpose. BBC's first take on it seems pretty close to perfection — relatively short in length, good quality, and engaging — and they'll be releasing more as Planet Earth II airs.

Planet Earth was first broadcast in 2006 and was the most expensive documentary ever produced. As before, the series breaks new visual ground—it's the first to be filmed in ultra-high-definition, and features shots that seem utterly implausible. Each episode focuses on the animal life of a ecosystem starting with islands, deserts, mountains etc.

This new sequel of Planet Earth is definitely a new way to experience nature and to develop the future of natural history.

Check out one of those 360-degree videos below.