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Aamir Khan's "PK", which released in theatres on 19 December, has sparked a controversy over mocking at Hindu gods, leading to campaigns called #BoycottPK and #WeSupportPK on Twitter and Facebook.

Some scenes of "PK" have supposedly hurt the religious sentiments of many Hindus, who started a campaign called #BoycottPK on Twitter on the opening day of the film. As a counter to this campaign, some film goers started another campaign called #WeSupportPK a day after the movie hit the screens.

With #BoycottPK and #WeSupportPK trending on Twitter and Facebook, a huge debate on filmmaking in Bollywood has started on the social media for the last couple of days. Some have blasted the makers of "PK" for mocking Lord Shiva, while others have defended them.

Pro-Hindu film goers have posted over 49,536 tweets with the hashtag #BoycottPK and voiced their opinions against the controversial scene in "PK", as per the reports of Topsy, a social media analytics firm. Meanwhile another campaign has seen 33,328 tweets posted with #WeSupportPK.

Here are some Facebook and Twitter comments posted with hashtags #BoycottPK and #WeSupportPK:

Pathikrit Payne

Making a man in the attire of Shiva to run around like a thief while Amir Khan is chasing him by presuming that the man is Shiva !!! Is this COOL ?? !!! Not for me !!! Amir Khan as a devout Muslim went for a Hajj Pilgrimage (which I respect), in 2012, but makes it a point to mock Lord Shiva to the hilt in the film PK and completely avoids using the word ALLAH while calling Bhagwan a Duplicate God....I DID NOT LIKE PK...it is COMPLETELY BIASED...THIS IS NOT SECULARISM.....The PRODUCER, THE DIRECTOR of the film and Amir Khan knew it well that doing someting similar on ISLAM would have left them beheaded sooner than later...SICK SECULARISM at its best.... And oh yes.....As per the film....PAKISTANIS are great people...innocent and honest...and deserve to be loved while the faults are with Indians who doubt the integrity of Pakistanis....WOW !!! ‪#‎BoycottPK

Varun Salwan

Why don't filmmakers make a movie to show how misinterpretations of Quran are used in name of jihad? Neither #BoycottPK nor #supportpk !!

Yogendra Solanki

#BoycottPK Yes, I am agree Baba are earning money. But they are not producing terrorist. Why don't higlight issue like plygamy in muslim etc

Navneet Choubey

#BoycottPK I totally agree that the film was a satire on each and every religion but when it comes to mocking Gods, why only Lord Shiva??

Raghav Vashishtha

Hindus rituals can make u laugh@aamir_khan but islamic ways are savage making lives of ppl hell। u failed to show dis dats y #BoycottPK


When was last Movie made on- 1) Shah Bano impact 2) Madrasa education 3) Wakf Board land usage 4) Women inheritance etc #BoycottPK

Rohan S

Under d name of 'creative freedom' no bullshit will be accepted @aamir_khan If you have guts show everything in equal measure. #BoycottPK


A very accurate view on our society portrayed in the most innocent and humorous way. Every Indian needs to watch this. #WeSupportPK

Yagya Datt Sharma - Conversation with a Friend. Original

Me to My friend (MF): What do you think about ‪#‎PK?

MF: Very bad, This Aamir Khan is real bad person, he has an agenda to ridicule and make fun of our religion.

Me: Ohh. I see.. Have you tweeted ‪#‎BoycottPK?

MF: Yes, i did...

Me: Excellent, Which Party do you support?


Me: Why ?

MF: Great party because it supports our religion at any cost.

Me: OK, i too support some people in it not all but not because of this reason .. n some from other parties as well....anyway... What do you think about 'Oh My GOD' movie?

MF: Its same, agenda behind our religion...

Me: Do you know Paresh Rawal, He is an MP from our party BJP ?

MF: Yes, he is a great actor, Good person.

Me: But Paresh Rawal(PR) acted in 'Oh My GOD' which was an agenda behind our religion, How can u say good to such person?Have you protested when he was given ticket? OR tweeted ever BoycottPR ?

MF: NO, buttt.. he just acted in 'Oh My GOD', It was a movie by some other missionaries..

Me: So what did Aamir Khan did in PK?

MF: Acted.....

Me: Do you think Raju Hirani is a missionary? ......... (silence)

Me: hey .. Hello... (Your message cannot be delivered..) .............

2 min silence for those hypocrites who are opposing PK due to their political and narrow minded mentality, Who don't watch a Movie as a movie neither value creative work of a person (Raju Hirani) who is working for years just to give his best and deliver quality. 12 years 4 movies, all entertaining and Blockbusters with a thought provoking message. Look at his resume and commitment . Come out of ur narrow minded negativity!!