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Horror film "Pizza" has opened to mixed reviews. The film is a remake of the 2012 Tamil film with the same name, but the Hindi movie has failed to scare the critics like the original did.

The supernatural thriller film is directed by debutant Akshay Akkineni and features Akshay Oberoi, Parvathy Omanakuttan and Dipannita Sharma in the lead roles.

Check out the reviews of critics below:

Mihir Fadnavis of Firstpost said: "Pizza was a lean, entertaining, fun horror movie stripped off the commercial trappings of Tamil cinema and free of the froth that surrounds star vehicles. Most importantly, unlike attempts like Ragini MMS 2, this was a movie made by a bunch of people who truly love and understand horror films.

"That said, you can't take away the fact that the story is a novel spin on a familiar setting and you won't see the end coming. It's certainly better than the likes of Vikram Bhatt's hilarious garbage, but it's a lesser film than its original counterpart."

Anupriya Kumar of Reuters said: "If the rule of thumb to gauge the worth of a horror movie is how badly it scares you, then Akshay Akkineni's supernatural thriller 'Pizza' is successful only in parts." 

"The second half of 'Pizza' is plain, dull and confusing. The incidents don't add up even by the standards of a horror movie. In the end, you can see the director tries to be clever but the several red herrings leave you feeling more cheated than impressed."

"The minor deviations from the original plot seem to have veered Akkineni's directorial debut badly off track. This 'Pizza' may have the right ingredients but it's sadly served half-baked."

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: "The recipe [read written material] is just right -- the constituents that make a bloodcurdling supernatural thriller are all there -- and to give the credit where it's due, debutant director Akshay Akkineni makes sure he startles you on a couple of occasions. The screenwriting is watertight in the initial stages and you keep wondering, what's gonna happen next?

"On the whole, PIZZA scares and startles in parts. A condensed, watertight screenplay in the latter half was much desired to create a hammer-strong impact. Yet, the film has its moments!"

Mohar Basu said: "Pizza 3D is definitely not a memorable watch. Right on your face horror with too many borrowed thrills, it is only in remote parts that the film shows inspired work. The innovative-ness of the climax came as a pleasant surprise and as I was beginning to believe that Pizza attempts something new and doesn't float in mediocrity, the last scene slashed my hopes. Missing this film won't be the worst thing after all.

"Pizza 3D is not even close to being a spooky affair. For horror fanatics or time pass audience, the film doesn't offer anything new despite the hope of it. With too many visible loopholes, the film was a good idea which could not translate itself into a good film."

Sweta Kaushal ofHindustan Times said: "A well-executed plot and effortless performance by Akshay Oberoi make this horror flick worth a one-time watch. The film manages to scare audiences with its 3D technique and its surprise element. However, other than those few moments, the story is predictable. Watch it if you love scary movies that come with a few laughs." 

Prateek Sur said: "The movie goes bonkers in this (second) half as you are unable to make any sense of what is happening. When the climax comes you are unable to judge as to why all of this happened.If you get scared by the thought of watching a horror film, then this is the film for you. For the rest of us who rationally and logically watch the film better to go a pizza joint and have a pizza rather than watching Pizza 3D."