On the Instagram handle of a famous  Bollywood celebrity paparazzo, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan had been inconspicuously clicked while he was having a sensitive moment at his parents' grave in New Delhi.

In these pictures which have gone viral, the superstar had been seen bowing down and paying his respects to his parents. What followed later in the comments section, were a bunch of insensitive trolls, reminding Shah Rukh Khan that his manner of paying respect to his parents, was not permitted in his religion. 

SRK Troll

A few merciless trolls bashed the superstar for not abiding by the religious laws he was born into and following separate customs even while respecting his dead parents. According to the trolls, the act of bowing down to any grave is not an accepted norm in the religion the superstar was born into.

A lot of SRK fans, remained sensitive and bashed the trolls back for being unfairly critical about his intimate moment with his parents, and digitally told them to leave him alone. Other fans of the superstar reacted with a number of 'heart' emoticons in the comment section of the picture.

Take a look at some of the brutal and supportive comments below.


Shah Rukh Khan had earlier said in various interviews, that each time he visits Delhi, he makes it a point to visit his parents grave. When he is unable to keep it in his schedule, he waves at his parents grave, expecting them to understand him. Quite understandably these private moments are precious to the superstar much like any child's visit to his/her parent's grave.