If you are one of those who love photography but don't know how to showcase or sell your work, Picsdream could be the right platform for you.

Picsdream, India's first photography-centric marketplace, launched its website and App for Android and iOS devices on Thursday with an aim to offer photographers a chance to showcase, share and monetise their work.

The platform will connect photographers — amateur, semi-professional and professional — to users who wish to purchase their photographs, and provides the users options of canvases on which they may want it printed and delivered at their doorstep.

Picsdream will also aim to be a community where photographers can learn and share best practices of their work and add value to it.

"My vision for Picsdream is to create a platform that will be the biggest for the Indian visual art community. Starting with photographs, then videos and then other forms of visual art, Picsdream will be the largest community and marketplace for visual arts in India," said Picsdream Founder and CEO Mahesh Nair, who left the corporate world to focus on nature and wildlife photography.

Photographers can use the mobile phone app or website to upload multiple photos, store high-resolution photos and videos, share their works on social media, publish blogs and geo-tag visual search-based keywords. They also have the copyright of their work and can quote the price they want.

Picsdream's key target audience is retail consumers, institutional buyers, corporates, interior designers and home-decoration shoppers who may wish to embellish their interiors with canvases of stunning photographs. It also caters to the need for high-quality pictures and videos of advertising agencies, magazines and TV channels.

"A beautiful photograph can be captured by anyone, anywhere. With advances in mobile technology, each one of us can be a creator. While there are several businesses that cater to professional photographers, there is none that allows sharing of beautiful photographs by amateurs that may find appreciation," said Nair.