assam tiger chilling on bed
Twitter/ Wildlife Trust India

Floods have ravaged the north-eastern state of Assam, killing at least 27 people and 51 wild animals. In addition to this, many people and wildlife have been displaced due to the deluge and many have been forced to take shelter elsewhere.

A Royal Bengal Tiger, who tried to escape the submerged forests, sought refuge at a house and made himself quite comfortable on a bed. The tiger was seen sitting peacefully on the bed. The owners of the building came to know of their surprise guest when neighbours spotted the animal entering the house. 

Wildlife Trust India was called to help remove the tiger from the house so that the residents could get back in. In a series of tweets, Wildlife Trust India, an organisation which caters to the well-being of animals, shared the process of extraction. They also tweeted a photo of the tiger sitting on the bed.

They tweeted, "#JustIn our vet @samshulwildvet is making plans with #AssamForestDepartment @kaziranga_ to tranquilise a #tiger that has entered a house and is relaxing on a bed! #AssamFloods bring in unusual guests! #Kaziranga Zoom in to see #OMG wish them luck! @action4ifaw @deespeak."

The officials of Wildlife Trust India were waiting till dark to release the animal so that it will have a peaceful journey back home. Some reports state that the tiger escaped from its enclosure in the Kaziranga National Park, which is now 90 percent submerged.