(Picture for representation) The walrus was seen chilling while floating in water.Wikimedia commons

Twitter users are having a hearty laugh after a photo of a walrus, which was shared with a caption "Good morning, walruses sometimes hook their teeth on the ice and relax", went viral.

In the viral picture, the walrus has only its snout out of the water, with its teeth hooked on ice. The post was shared on March 14 and has since been retweeted more than 13,000 times.

Citing experts, Live Science reported that walruses are known to support their teeth on ice when they're resting. But in this case, it might also be that this walrus surfaced to take a quick breath before diving back into the water to hunt for food.

According to Wikimedia Commons, the picture was taken near St. Lawrence Island, off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea.

It might be difficult to believe that these giant marine mammals are extremely social animals, so much so that seaworld.org calls them one of the most gregarious animals in the world.

Not only this, walruses are pretty amazing. The male walruses make a variety of sounds to attract mates. They sometimes chose to do a chorus of high-pitched whistles and sometimes deep, bell-like moans.

After mating, the females stay pregnant for roughly around 15 months. Calves, which weigh 45 to 75 kg, are able to swim.

Walruses have only two natural predators: the killer whale (orca) and the polar bear. However, that doesn't mean they are easy preys. Walruses give a tough fight even to polar bears and can even fatally injure them, especially if they follow their prey into the water.