Supermoon 2018 photos
A full moon rises behind St. Sava temple in Belgrade, Serbia, January 31, 2018.Reuters

On January 31, Super Blue Blood Moon phenomenon illuminated the sky and gave a chance to both, professional and amateur, photographers to click stunning photos of the rare celestial as and when it happened.

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Social media was flooded with several mind-blowing photos of the supermoon 2018 and one among them was the photo of the supermoon with Delhi's iconic India Gate in the forefront. The photo went viral and netizens started calling it "Photo of the Century."

Twitter user Sheikh Junaid, who is a journalist, shared the photo, which garnered over 3,000 retweets and more than 9,300 likes. Supriya Bhardwaj, another journalist, shared the same photo, which garnered more than 2,700 retweets. Even actress Bhairavi Goswami shared the photo.

However, it turns out that the image was photoshopped. Shobhit Khatter from Delhi took to Instagram to reveal that the supermoon photo and India Gate photo are two separate images and he photoshopped it.

"PS – These are two different pictures. The moon is superimposed. Both images clicked by me," he captioned the photo.

SM Hoax Slayer further did some research and revealed that the photo is indeed photoshopped.

On the day of the celestial event, a Facebook live stream video had gone viral. The video claimed to show the live view of the supermoon over Greece and people fell for it. The footage was viewed by more than 16 million times in just four hours. But just like the photoshopped photo, the video also turned out to be fake.

According to CNN, the video featured a nine-year-old still photo of the supermoon over Greece's Temple of Poseidon with wind sounds in the background to make it look like a live video.

The video was later pulled down by Facebook for violating the site's policies, but the page EBUZZ, which shared the live stream video, is still there.

The fake supermoon photo joined the list of fake images that fooled netizens. Last year, during Diwali a photo showing Golden Temple in Amritsar illuminated with sky lanterns went viral. Another photo of India from space during the festival of lights had gone viral. But it was later clarified that the Golden Temple photo was fake, while the space photo was not taken on Diwali light.