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Radhika Apte suffers from agoraphobia in her film Facebook

Radhika Apte's "Phobia" movie has received thumbs up from the critics. The film, which is a psychological thriller, features Radhika as an artist suffering from agoraphobia -- fear of wide-open spaces -- after having been sexually assaulted in the past.

Critics have said that the film is gripping and a well-made taut thriller. Also, praising Radhika's performance, critics said that the film is worth is watching because of her acting.

Directed by Pawan Kripalani, "Phobia" also features Satyadeep Mishra, Ankur Vikal, Yashaswani Dayama and Nivedita Bhattacharya in pivotal roles.

Read below what critics have said about Radhika-starrer "Phobia."

Surabhi Redkar of said: "If you have a taste for unconventional films or psychological thrillers, this should be your pick!"

Desimartini critic said: "There were genuine moments of fear that can stir you from your seat. You might be reminded of Pawan Kripalni's other movie Ragini MMS. But keep one thing in mind, Phobia is not a horror movie."

Bollywood Hungama critic said: "PHOBIA is a well-made taut thriller with an amazing performance by Radhika Apte. However, the in film blood and gore may not be to everyone's liking affecting the film's overall box office prospects as it will appeal to a rather niche audience. Another factor that may affect the film is the low-key promotion of the film due to which many people aren't aware of PHOBIA's release."

Sreeju Sudhakaran of said: "Phobia had the potential of being one of those rare Bollywood psychological thriller's that you can proudly recommend to your friends. A genuinely claustrophobic first half and Radhika Apte's fantastic performance were its aces."

Just Bollywood critic said: "Phobia is essentially a limited story film, which has one lady at the center being the victim of certain phobias. So, it is more about a performance based flick, showcasing the psychological elements, which have been showcased with the right shade of emotions on the silver screen."

Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV said: "Phobia is a canny flick that places known genre conventions in fresh light, the kind that bestows new life on them. Watch this film for the many surprises it springs and, of course, for Radhika Apte in full flow."