A Chinese diplomat and his staff were shot at in Philippines on Wednesday at a restaurant in Cebu City. Two of the Chinese diplomats were killed in the shooting while the consul general was wounded. 

China's consul to Philippines Song Ronghua and two staff members were attacked on Wednesday by a Chinese woman who worked at the consulate, according to local reports. The woman and a Chinese man have been arrested. 

The Straits Times has reported that the three were injured in the attack that took place in Cebu, while some news agency such as AFP have said the two staff members died and the consul general survived the attack. 

The consul general's deputy consul and finance officer died after being shot, Philippines national police spokesman Wilben Mayor  told AFP. 

The incident is the latest in attacks on foreigners in the country over recent weeks. 

Several foreign nationals have been abducted in the past few days by militants, who are believed to be linked to the Abu Sayyaf militancy. 

Some tourists of Canadian, Italian and Norwegian nationalities have been abducted in daylight from resorts and restaurants in Philippines' restive southern region.

Recently, a video said to be of the Isis wing in Philippines showed two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian man and a Filipino woman pleading for their lives.