Petrol prices rose for the fourth consecutive day on Monday, November 25 reaching its highest in the year so far. The diesel rates continued to remain stagnant. As the crude oil rates rise in the international market, the Oil marketing companies increased the price of petrol by 12 paise/litre in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, while in Chennai the raise was by 13 paise per liter, although there was no change in the price of diesel. 

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Petrol in Delhi has become costlier by 46 paise in four days.  Earlier, petrol prices in India's major cities were Rs 74.84, Rs 76.82, Rs 80.38 and Rs 77.69 per litre respectively on Sunday, November 24. According to the website of Indian Oil, the current price of petrol in the top four metros are: 

  • Delhi: Rs 74.66/litre
  • Kolkata: Rs 77.34/litre
  • Mumbai:  Rs 80.32/litre
  • Chennai: Rs 77.62/litre

Price of diesel remains unchanged 

Petrol Diesel
Oil prices soared as much as 20 per cent to above $71 a barrel as markets reopened after a major attack on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure.IANS
  • Delhi: Rs 65.73/litre
  • Kolkata: Rs 68.14/litre
  • Mumbai: Rs 68.94/litre
  • Chennai: Rs 69.47/litre

Benchmark crude oil Brent crude on the International Market Intercontinental Exchange has risen nearly three dollars a barrel this month.