Petrol pumps in Rajasthan to remain shut from March 10-12 to protest high VAT
Petrol pumps in Rajasthan to remain shut from March 10-12 to protest high VATIANS

Petrol pumps across Rajasthan will remain closed from March 10-March 12 as their owners will be protesting against the high VAT on diesel and petrol in the state.

Speaking to IANS, Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association president Rajendra Singh Bhati said, "The government has not been reducing VAT on fuel since long. Also, the commission of dealers has not been increased."

In such a situation, petrol and diesel pump operators across the state have decided to go on strike from March 10.

"We will march till secretariat and request the Chief Minister to address our grievances on video conferencing as he is under isolation after being tested COVID positive," the association's president added.

Petrol. (File Photo: IANS)
Petrol. (File Photo)IANS

"Due to high VAT in Rajasthan, petrol pump operators are continuously incurring losses. We have been demanding the government to reduce VAT since long, but in vain. Petrol is being sold much cheaper in neighboring states than in Rajasthan," he said.

"On the other hand, there has been no increase in the commission of dealers for the last seven years. Due to this, most of the petrol pumps in Rajasthan are on the verge of closure," he claimed.

"Further, petrol pump operators from across the state will also surround the secretariat in Jaipur on March 11 so that we can convey our legitimate demands to the government," he added.

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