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The Indian Government announced Wednesday the single largest hike in petrol prices by Rs. 7.50 per liter (including tax). The hike price came into effect from midnight and has led to a nationwide protest with the common man, the government's allies and the opposition fuming over the issue.

The price will stand at an additional Rs 6.28 per litre and local sales tax or VAT at 1.22 will round up the hike to Rs 7.50 per litre. The actual hike in prices will differ in each state, depending on the sales tax or VAT applicable in a particular state.  

Below is the list of city-wise comparison of price hike:



Old Price (Rs)

New Price (Rs)

Delhi 65.67 73.18
Mumbai 70.66 78.16
Bangalore 73.51 81.01
Kolkata 70.03 77.69
Chennai 69.55 77.23
Pune 70.76 78.97
Bhopal 70.06 77.56
Goa 55 62.5
Bhubaneswar 65.53 73.02
Ahmedabad 70 77.5
Jaipur 68.76 76.26
Hyderabad 73.94 81.44