In yet another heart-wrenching incident that poignantly underlines the need to stop ruthless cruelty against animals, three men in Bhopal has beaten and choked a dog to death. A case has been registered against the three men for brutally killing the animal.

dog beaten to death

Pet dog beaten to death 

A pet dog of a family had allegedly bitten one of the accused in Bhopal's Balaji Nagar which later led to a dispute between the dog owner and the accused whom the dog had bitten.

Although the dog's owner assured the accused that the dog was vaccinated for rabies and that its bite would do no harm to the man in any way, the accused was in no mood to listen to him that soon led to hot arguments between the two.

Much agitated, the man later forcibly entered the dog owner's house later along with his two friends, forcibly beating up the chain-bound dog. In addition to this, the three men tied a wire around the dog's neck and hung him from the stairs. The dog soon died due to suffocation.

The owner went to the Ratibad police station after the incident, and registered a complaint against the three men.

"When the dog was choking, the distressed owner also begged to release the dog. But, the accused did not listen to the owner and stood there till the dog was killed. After this, all three took the dog's body with them," said the officials.

The case has been registered against the three men under sections 506 (criminal intimidation) and 429 (killing or maiming an animal) of the Indian Penal Code. The police has begun wide search on the accused as all three were absconding when the case was filed against them.