Peshawar attack
A soldier stands by blood on the floor at the Army Public School, which was attacked by Taliban gunmen, in Peshawar.Reuters

Four suspects, including a woman, were arrested on Friday in a round of arrests in Pakistan following the Peshawar school carnage by Taliban that left 132 children and nine others dead on Tuesday. 

The four were arrested from southern Punjab's Hasilpur area after the police tracked the SIM card used by the terrorists at the time of the attack, Dawn News reported. 

The SIM card was reportedly in the name of the woman, whom some reports referred to as Shazia. 

Reports emerged on Thursday that showed that the Taliban militants who attacked the army school in Peshawar were in touch with their commanders in Afghanistan, who were passing on instructions to them.

The chilling transcripts from the phone conversations even showed the cold-bloodedness of the attackers, who told their commanders: "We have killed all the children in the auditorium. What do we do now?"

The commanders, in turn, gave directions to the attackers to detonate their bombs after killing military forces. 

"Wait for the army people, kill them before blowing yourself up," said Umar Adinzai, identified as the senior Taliban commander coordinating the attack. 

On Wednesday, the owner of the vehicle used by the terrorists was arrested from Islamabad.