Following a dramatic end to the popular "Person of Interest" series in season 4 finale, a new trailer has been released to continue the artificial intelligence war between the Machine and the Samaritan. Over the years, the popular CBS show has garnered a vast viewership who cannot wait to see what the latest season has in store for them. To perk up the curiosity of viewers, a new 'Person of Interest' Season 5 trailer was released at the New York Comic Con on Sunday.

The Person of Interest series took a sensational turn in the season 4 finale episode, when the Machine bids an emotional goodbye to Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) by referring to him as "Father." Season 5 concluded with Finch successfully compressing the Machine's core processor into a suitcase full of RAM. This has left many fans curious about the next season.

'Person of Interest' Season 5 has already been making headlines and fans have a huge role to play in this. The decision to have only 13 episodes, which appears to be the final season of the show, didn't go down to well with viewers who want the latest season to have the usual 22-23 episodes.

To make sure that their favourite show doesn't end abruptly, fans have started an online petition to urge CBS to add more episodes to 'Person of Interest' in Season 5. The petition also goes on to request the channel not to end the show but to air it on another channel if possible. The appeal was started more than six months ago and has already garnered 10,000 signatures.

Addressing the fans' reservations, show creator Jonathan Nolan has assured them that the show will get the ending it deserves.

"We're going to make 13 kickass episodes, and drop the microphone. I can't predict down the road but we're very proud of the show and if it's the last season, no one is going to be disappointed with the story we tell," he said, according to IGN.

Other "Person of Interest" Season 5 revelations made by an Entertainment Weekly report include Shaw's return to the show, continuation of Root and Shaw's relationship, Reese mourning Carter's loss and Finch continued grieving over the Machine.

The makers are yet to announce when "Person of Interest" Season 5 will be aired. Until then, watch the YouTube video embedded below: