The pandemic has changed the playing field when it comes to films drastically. There has been a lot of talk on how films will be shot post the lockdown. How will certain scenes in films that require contact be shot?

As filmmakers and cinema bodies come up with guidelines and feasible norms to follow, even actors are in a state of limbo as to what will be expected of them once shooting begins.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone on an interview opened up about Bollywood post the crisis. She also spoke about intimate scenes and how they'll be shot now that the pandemic has struck.

Sunny Leone on shooting intimate scenes post lockdown

Bollywood is moving at snail's pace to pick up what they have lost due to Coronavirus pandemic. The industry is looking to make some drastic changes to the format and the way they work to accommodate all the changes that the current situation demands. A lot has been debated about contact shown in films and how intimate scenes will be shot once shooting resumes. 

Sunny Leone recently sat down for a chat with Bollywood Hungama and discusses shooting and her current projects which are on pause due to the COVID-19. When asked about intimate scenes in films she said, "I have no idea about what's going to happen with intimate scenes because you just don't know where people are, what they're doing after work, what they're doing before work. Who's around them? I know for myself, my children are my top priority and whether, you know, whatever happens to me, happens to me, but they should always be safe. And that also means then taking care of myself. So I think we just have to play it step by step."

Sunny Leone and others in Arjun Patiala
Sunny Leone and others in Arjun PatialaTwitter

She added, "People will forever be scarred by Coronavirus and this lockdown and what it's done to the entire world. I am hoping for medication, I am hoping for the hope of, if you know someone does get sick you're able to take a break for a week and be safe, take medication and get right back to work just like if you were to get the flu or just like you were to get many different diseases or viruses in India or America or anywhere else in the world. so I think there'll be a solution and everybody's wish for intimate scenes they'll all continue!"

Some actors have also begun saying no to intimate scenes in contracts, moreover, new guidelines suggest that there will need to be an alternative to those scenes to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. However, as things stay uncertain for the time being, nothing can be said about how shooting will proceed post-COVID-19 without assumption.