Joleen Vultaggio, a Google Earth user has discovered a weird island in the pacific ocean, and the shape of this small piece of land literally resembles a male penis. This island stretches more than 500 meters, and it is part of the Trinity Islands off the coast of New Caledonia, Oceania.

Joleen Vultaggio details her discovery

Vultaggio revealed that she was surprised to see an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, which has the shape of a penis.

penis shaped island
Penis-shaped islandKennedy News: Google Maps

"I was looking around and it just popped up and I thought 'wow, that really looks like a man's parts.' I had to drop the pin on the map right away, so people know I didn't just stick that image through Photoshop or create it myself. I shared it so people could pull up the coordinates and see it with their own eyes that it's physically there and it really does look like one. I didn't go and measure how big it is, but considering it's in the middle of the ocean it's pretty big," said Vultaggio, Daily Mail reports

More discoveries using Google Earth

This is not the first time that Google Earth users are making bizarre discoveries using satellite imagery. A few months back, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring had claimed to have discovered secretive alien bases in Area 51 using Google Earth. Waring claimed that there are three entrances to alien bases, and added that the US government is working closely with an advanced extraterrestrial species. 

In another instance, Waring claimed to have discovered TR-3B an alleged anti-gravity space vessel in Greenland, Antarctica, using Google Earth. According to Waring, this UFO could be more than thousands of years old, and he claimed that the discovery is crucial evidence that hints at the fact that aliens are visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years.