Pakistan spinner, Yasir Shah, who has taken an impressive 76 Test wickets (12 matches) and 18 ODI wickets (15 matches), has been provisionally suspended by the ICC, after he tested positive for a banned substance in November. As a result of the ban, Shah cannot represent Pakistan in any international cricket matches, which is a huge blow to the men in green, who are dependent on Shah for his magic with the ball.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have decided to appeal against the suspension, claiming the spinner took the substance for medical reasons.

"We will submit a strong case to the ICC indicating that Yasir took the medicine unintentionally for a high blood pressure ailment and that there was no intention of using banned substances to enhance his performance." PTI quoted a PCB official as saying.

Shah tested positive during the England-Pakistan ODI series in November, when a sample taken from the spinner was found to have chlortalidone, which comes under the list of banned substances under the ICC list.

The PCB have the option of going for another sample test (Sample B) and if that turns out to be negative then the player's suspension can be immediately lifted. But the PCB do not seem to be eager for a 'B' sample tested by the ICC, as they want to overturn Yasir's suspension on appeal.

"Our team of legal and medical experts have advised instead to appeal the suspension on Yasir," the official added.

If their efforts fail to convince ICC, the PCB want the suspension for a minimum period, as he is a crucial member of the Pakistan team. However, with the Pakistan team set for a tour of New Zealand in a few days time, they will have to do without the services of Shah for the immediate future.

"The idea is to try to get Yasir the minimum suspension period for his mistake so that he can be available to play for Pakistan as soon as possible," another source said in the report.