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The Malayalam actress, who survived an abduction and assault attempt in Kochi in February this year, has written a letter to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to draw his attention to the statements being made by Poonjar MLA PC George against her in an attempt to show her in bad light.

In her letter to Vijayan, the actress expressed fear that the statements made by George, a people's representative, might affect public opinion and eventually the verdict of the court as the case is subjudice.

"After George, many prominent people came in support of the accused in the case. Women should be concerned about the public perception being created by George," the actress wrote in her letter to the CM.

The actress' letter, which was published on the Facebook page of the Women in Cinema Collective, reads: "I have been going through the pain of insufferable insult (ever since the February 17 incident). What happened in my life is unbearable for my family, comprising my mother and brother. I spend my days driven by an urge to survive and not to succumb."

She added that the MLA's claim that she went to work the day after the attack was a lie and that she began working only 10 days after the incident. "An MLA belonging to the Assembly in which you are also a member said, "If she was attacked how can she act in movies the very next day," the actress wrote.

She added: "I had to go for a shoot the very next day which I had committed to earlier, but I did not go for it as he's claimed. I sat inside the room for one week. The director, producer and the actor in the movie constantly encouraged me to join work. It was 10 days after the incident that I went to the shooting set, for a two-day shoot."

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"The producer, director and lead actor in the movie had repeatedly urged me to continue with my work. I doubt if I could have returned to my work without their inspiration and support," the actress wrote asking whether people like George wanted her to kill herself or spend her entire life in an asylum.

"What do people like PC George think? I should have committed suicide? Or should I have been dumped in a mental asylum? Or should I hide myself somewhere by not appearing in public? Can someone tell me what wrong I did?" she asked.

The actress pointed out that she works in the film industry to earn her bread and butter and that she wouldn't be able to survive without the earnings. She added that many stay quiet despite facing similar incidents because they fear that people like George might "spit on their faces".

In the letter, the actress also wrote about George taunting and challenging the Women's Commission, who have filed a case against him.

"The last time, he said in his statement: 'Are they (Women's Commission) coming to cut my nose? If they fight against me they will lose not only their nose but also something else'. He says this against an institution, which is a hope for thousands of women like me, who seek justice," she wrote.

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Adding that she had complete faith in CM Vijayan that he would take action against the MLA, the actress wrote: "I held on strongly to my self-confidence and courage from the next day of the assault, only because I should not fail in this agitation. If I fail, I know it will be the failure of many women like me. No assaulted women should be insulted in public like this. I believe in you sir."

George has been making statements against the actor since the police arrested actor Dileep, a powerful man in the film industry, on charges of allegedly orchestrating the attack on the actress in February. The MLA, famous for his arrogant behaviour, has consistently said that Dileep was framed in the case.