As a tribute to the martyrs of Mumbai terror attacks, which took place on 26 November, 2008, two teams of Indian hackers attacked various Pakistani websites on Thursday.

The teams, who identify themselves as "Indian Black Hats" (IBH) and "Kerala Cyber Warriors" (KCW), have attacked as many as 130 government and non-government Pakistani websites on the fourth anniversary of the deadly Mumbai attacks that claimed more than 150 lives.

"It is cyber pay back for 26/11 Mumbai attack against Pakistan," a hacker of Kerala Cyber Warriors team told IBTimes India.

"It just took a day for us to hack all these 125 sites with the background song "Oru Yathramozhiyode from Mohanlal's Kurukshetra movie. We have access to many Pakistan servers, so the defacing was easy," the hacker added.

Meanwhile, the other hacking group -- IBH -- attacked almost 10 Pakistani websites and other domains on Thursday.

"Indian Black Hats is a team with members from all over India and it is in cyber space from 2011 with the name Indian Cyber Devils. Now this year the name was changed to the recent one. We have not harmed these websites, but just uploaded a file as a pay back for 26/11 attacks," a member of IBH to IBTimes India.

Following are some of the sites and domains hacked by the groups:


Check out the list of websites hacked by KCW HERE

Earlier, a group called Mallu Cyber Soldiers had attacked many Pakistani websites, including official government portals such as, and, as a response to the attack on the Kerala government website on 27 September.

Pak hackers had then displayed a message, praising Pakistan, along with a picture of a burning Indian National Flag. The message on website read: "Struck By Faisal 1337. Official Website Government of Kerala Hacked! Pakistan Zindabad. We Are Team Pak Cyber Attacker. Security is just an illusion."

Recently, the group also targeted websites related to online prostitution.