Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan
Jana Sena Party chief Pawan KalyanTwitter

Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan convened a secret meeting with the bigwigs from the Kapu community at a star hotel in Hyderabad and collected Rs 10 lakh each from them, according to Mahaa news.

Telugu TV channel Mahaa news claimed that it did a sting operation on Pawan Kalyan's secret meeting. According to the TV channel, the meeting was held at Hyder Mahal, ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet in Hyderabad on Sunday, September 10. Around 150 businessmen and other leaders from Kapu community attended this meeting and some of them hailed from Singapore and Malaysia.

The TV channel reported that all of the bigwigs from Kapu community were informed beforehand that they need to make minimum of Rs 10 lakh donations. The video aired by the channel shows that Pawan Kalyan's auditor Ratnam collecting money on the form of cash or cheque and some of the people donated Rs 15 to 20 lakh in this meeting. Later, he addressed the meeting and spoke about one hour.

It is very common for all political parties to conduct such meeting to raise funds for party. But the question that is creating ripples in the media – Why Pawan Kalyan had this meeting with only leaders from the Kapu community? He joined politics to fighting for social justice, inequality and casteism. The power star's biased act is creating ripples in the social media with many question him about it.

Garikapati Aditya‏ (@Aditya_Chow666) tweeted, "Big brother paid 1200/- for one tea. Younger brother collected 10 lakhs for High Tea. There is nothing wrong with fund raisers .. the problem is with "one caste only" fund raisers #AndhraPradesh #Pawankalyan #Chiranjeevi #PRP #PRP2 #Janasena (sic)"

However, a section of media denied the claim of the sting operation. They claim that it was not a secret meeting, as there had been a lot of advertising about it in a TV channel for last few days. Pawan Kalyan's fans were also present in the meeting and they had selfies with their favorite star in the same hotel. The cameraman of Mahaa news was allowed at the meeting and he was seen posing for photos with the fan.

Many Pawan Kalyan's fans are upset with this report and have bombed the Mahaa news with several question. Bharadwaj Sanivarapu (@Sai_Sanivarapu) tweeted a photo and wrote, "Pawan secret meeting lo mee reporter yela unadu. Straight qstn to @MahaaNews #MahaaMurthy #Janasena #PawanKalyan #BanFakeMedia (sic)"