Pawan Kalyan, Bandla Ganesh

Producer Bandla Ganesh, who is a close friend of power star Pawan Kalyan, had reportedly promised to cut his throat if Congress failed in Telangana elections, but he has apparently gone into hiding after the results were announced.

Bandla Ganesh started his acting career as a character artiste in 1990s and he turned producer with Ravi Teja's 2009 movie Anjaneyulu. His second production Teen Maar, which featured Pawan Kalyan in the lead role, bombed at the box office. To compensate for its losses, the Power Star gave him another chance to the actor-turned-producer, who went to produce Gabbar Singh and score a blockbuster for himself.

Ever since, Bandla Ganesh has been an ardent fan, close friend and staunch supporter of Pawan Kalyan. Earlier this year, he was seen defending Jana Sena party chief in the debate shows on various TV channels. But many were surprised when he announced that he joined Congress in presence of Rahul Gandhi in September.

Talking to media, Ganesh had said that he was interested in politics and he is a strong supporter of the Congress. When asked about the power star, the producer had said, "Pawan is still my God. But this is my life and my dream and wish is to become an MLA and Minister."

Bandla Ganesh

Later, Bandla Ganesh had been busy with an aggressive campaign for Congress in the Telangana elections and he was all over television till voting day. He was very much confident about the victory of his party in the elections. In an interview, he had said that he would slit his throat if Congress didn't come into power.

But Congress-led alliance Prajakutami, which included other parties like Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) and the Communist Party of India (CPI), has failed miserably in the Telangana elections. Soon after the results were announced, the producer tweeted in Telugu, "We respect the judgment of the people, accept defeat. Congratulations to the TRS government of winning. Bandula Ganesh"

However, Bandla Ganesh, who spent maximum time in TV studios, has reportedly not been available for single comment. "The producer is in hiding and looks like he might not emerge for a while. He has even switched off his phones and remains unavailable," Deccan Chronicle quoted a source saying.