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Power star Pawan Kalyan, the chief of Jana Sena Party, was trolled heavily for tweeting in English to protest against banning Telugu medium in the government schools. Many lauded the education policy of the YSR Congress Party (YCP)-led Andhra Pradesh government.

The Andhra Pradesh government decided to convert all government schools teaching from class I to VIII into English medium from 2020-21. Telugu or Urdu will be made compulsory subjects, but there will be no Telugu medium schools in the Telugu state. Many people including some Teachers' unions opposed the YS Jaganmohan Reddy government's move and Jana Sena party leader Pawan Kalyan is one among them.

Pawan Kalyan condemns new education policy

In a series of tweets posted in English, Pawan Kalyan condemned this new education policy of banning Telugu medium in the Government schools. The Jana Sena party chief tweeted on November 10, "The recent decision of YCP led AP Govt's policy of 'Banning Telugu medium in Govt schools' made me look at 'telugu books' in my library with a great admiration, love and care."

Screenshots of Pawan Kalyan's Twitter posts
Screenshots of Pawan Kalyan's Twitter postsTwitter

Besides tweeting the photos of his library, Pawan Kalyan opined that the YCP could not come up with such a policy. The power star added, "If the YCP leadership would have understood the true wealth of Telugu language, they wouldn't have come with such preposterous policy of banning telugu medium in Govt schools. YCP leadership should take lessons from Telangana CM 'Sri KCR' how to safeguard language and culture. The following book was brought for 'Telugu mahasabhalu' in 2017, Hyderabad."

Screenshots of Pawan Kalyan's Twitter posts
Screenshots of Pawan Kalyan's Twitter postsTwitter

While opposing banning Telugu medium, Pawan Kalyan shared most of his views in English, which made him face the ire of some of his followers, who raised object on the same. Others opined that it is difficult to study subjects like science, mathematics and social studies in Telugu in higher education. English has become a must for getting jobs in corporate companies.

Screenshots of Pawan Kalyan's Twitter posts
Screenshots of Pawan Kalyan's Twitter postsTwitter

They said that introducing English medium in government schools is really a good move to YCP-led government. Pawan Kalyan should stop opposing this policy for the sake of doing it. People of like him needs private English medium schools, but they talk about language and culture when it comes to others. The YCP's move is definitely a pro-poor policy and it will benefit poor, who cannot afford to admit their children to private schools.

Here is how many replied to Pawan Kalyan's series of tweets opposing the English medium in the government schools:

Manideep @manidee93565064

Sir, i really respect alot and big fan of you as well , first you write , all your tweets in telugu , 90 percent of your tweets are in high standards of english which is no use for telugu people @PawanKalyan

Vishnu Stocks @stocktips007

Now you also used english language to write dont you want next generation to study in english medium schools third class third class thinking @YSRCParty @ysjagan

Bhakt Of None @BhaktOfNone

High respect for you to promote our language . How about we all start tweeting in Telugu?

babji.marpu @babji_marpu

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ గారు తెలుగు కోసం మాట్లాడారు కానీ ఇంగ్లీష్ లో ట్విట్ చేస్తున్నారు ఏంటో అది ఇంగ్లీష్ మీద ప్రేమ లేదు అంటే ఇంగ్లీష్ పిల్లని పెళ్లిచేసుకున్నారు గా హ ప్రేమో చెప్తారా సర్ జి

Madhusudhan @v_sumadhu

Mr pk they are not banning they are bringing English medium...telugu one subject will be there..

Sainadh Tankala @SainadhTankala

They are not removing telugu language, telugu subject will continue as first language

KHAJAVALI @khajavali09

Mr. Pavan think positive and develop positive attitude. Instead of telling ""banning of Telugu medium"... introducing of English medium in Government schools... sounds good and Government made Telugu subject compulsory. In what medium your children studying..tell us sir ..

SUNIL SAMSON @sunilnadella

This is exactly why one should not discontinue education. Hinders one's level of analysis things with common sense. They are not banning Telugu, it's subjects like Science, Math & Social studies that will be taught in English. BTW how many of your 4 kids can even read in Telugu?

sanjeev @nallisanjeev

Strongly disagree with your support for implementing Telugu medium in GS. Millions of parents are spending major share of their income to send their kids to private schools and English medium is one big reason of it.

vijay @vijay_gvijay

u should appreciate some decisions @PawanKalyan. Mee family lo evirina Telugu medium lo chadivara, siggundali konchem INA. am nt a follower of any party but I know students problems where they r lacking while attending interviews. Truly u r a waste politician

y c yaswanth reddy @ycyaswanthreddy

Im loosing respect towards you day by day sir. They are just removing telugu medium not telugu language english medium students studies telugu subject And if we study science in telugu in school then how can we understand english words of science in engineering and medicine sir.

varmajai @varmajai

Kalyan Garu, I think it's good decision. Now a days all private schools are teaching in english medium only, then @ysjagan making Govt Schools much better. Those who thought in telugu have many disadvantages in this competitive world. Plz Find otheway 2 protect Telugu literature.


As you said if they impose it will be permanent fault if it is optional it should be coz poor SC ST BC students are not able to offer Eng media in pvt school hence govt is only the way to tackle for healthy and balanced future

P.Erugulu Ram @urRam143

what ever you said I think you didn't understand education policy .not completely ban Telugu. In English medium one subject name called Telugu. don't worry.. I think present generation English is a primary language is must and should learn all people's..

chinna reddy desai @DesaiChinna

Sir its very imp to maintain telugu,but is it possible without eng in thiscompetition so ur encouraging corporate schools by looting money from public not promoting eng in govt schools ofcourse ur parental party tdp already active inrunning corporate schools @ysjagan @VSReddy_MP

klmrs @klmrs123

Opposition doesn't mean saying No to Everything of ruling party annaya. We should be able to give constructive suggestions in any major policy like the recent change of medium in govt schools. Yeah english medium is a need and right of every child provided telugu subjects includ