While some websites claim that "Fast & Furious" actor faked his death, a coroner's report has confirmed that it was indeed Paul Walker who died in the car accident.

The LA County Coroner, with the help of dental records of Walker and his friend Roger Rodas, confirmed that the two died in the tragic car crash.

In an official statement, the LA County Coroner said that Walker died due to a "combination of traumatic and thermal injuries," according to Sunday World.

"Walker did not die by the impact of the crash, and is believed to have been alive for a few seconds. It's said that ultimately the fire caused by the impact was the cause of death. In the case of Rodas, 38, the driver died on impact from severe injuries, and fire was not listed as a factor in his death," the Sunday World reported.

Earlier, website Nosinfo.com reported that Walker and his friend faked their own deaths. The news of "fake death" had sparked outrage among Walker's fans.

The website reported that the actor and his friend are still alive and their relatives are covering up the news.

"It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, here, that the accident is a fabrication and that there wasn't any real car crash. Rather, what is seen is imagery of a man-made car fire and a car pre-placed in position to be incinerated: without either Walker or Rodas inside," Nosinfo.com reported.

Reacting to the report, the actor's brother Cody Walker said that it's disrespectful.

"So disrespectful. This media is so cruel. Please let my brother Rest In Peace," he said.

Walker and Rodas died in November when their Porsche Carrera GT crashed and caught fire. Walker's mortal remains were laid to rest in December at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park.