Despite the government telling private schools not to charge fees during the lockdown period, there are many schools that are pressurising parents and guardians to deposit admission fees and school fees. A recent video, in which the Bishop Scott Girl's School management in Patna is misbehaving with a parent, who apparently questioned the school management for transportation fees, has gone viral.

The profanity of the management has posed several questions about how can schools threaten parents over the fee, which is not justified during the lockdown period. In the video, a parent is seen questioning the school management about why are they charging transportation, library, lab fee during the lockdown period.

Students at a Varanasi school attending the 'Karo na' class

School management threatens parent

Not only does the lady from the school management threatens the parent, but she also apparently tries to snatch the phone from the parent's hand and misbehaves. Twitter users have posted the video and alleged manhandling and misbehavior.

International Business Times, India, tried calling up the school but there was no response from the school's side. President of Parents Association in Patna Sanjeev Pathak was reported as saying that they will make a written complaint against the concerned school to the Divisional Commissioner and the state government.

The tweet did get a communal streak as users started to vent out their anger against convent schools across the country calling them missionary schools. A user further stated that another convent school in Bhopal took complete fees from parents despite orders from the state government not to take fees during the lockdown period.

It was recently reported that some schools have allegedly also threatened parents to cancel admission of their wards for non-payment of fees.

It should be noted that in April, Patna district magistrate Kumar Ravi, had issued an order instructing all the private schools not to pressurise parents for depositing three months' fee at a time in the wake of coronavirus lockdown. However, the order stated that schools facilitating online classes may request for one-month tuition fee but they cannot exert pressure on parents.

The school management misbehaved with a parent who questioned them on school fee